Up To 100 GBPS
Safe, Fast & Secure

Fast High Speed Fibre Connections From Aerocom

Peered with all major FNOs, our network ensures seamless and reliable content delivery to businesses and homes countrywide
Our clients have a strong interest in the essential factors that define a good ISP, such as reliable routing, high-speed connections, low latency, and more. Our ISP services are tailored to meet these demands, ensuring an exceptional online experience that keeps you connected and satisfied.

Solutions Provided

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Business Dedicated Fibre

  • 1:1 Contention Ratio
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 4 Hour SLA
  • 24/7 Hour Support
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Business Broadband Fibre

  • 1:10 Contention ratio
  • Competitive Pricing¬†
  • Uncapped & Unshaped
  • Static Public IP
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Business/Home Wireless

  • Static IP Availibility
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Low-latency
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Our Most Popular Services

Our packages are not only affordable but also deliver remarkable value, ensuring that every customer can enjoy a seamless and cost-effective internet experience
East Rand Wireless
R699 From / Month
  • 10Mbps Upload Speed
  • 10Mbps Download Speed
  • No Fair-Use Policy
  • Uncapped Connectivity
  • * Subject to Feasibility Check *
Business Fibre
R1299 From / Month
  • Up To 25Mbps Upload Speed
  • Up To 25Mbps Download Speed
  • No Fair-Use Policy
  • Uncapped Connectivity
  • * Subject to Feasibility Check *
Enterprise Fibre
R10999 From / Month
  • 1Gbps Upload
  • 1Gbps Download
  • 4 Hour SLA
  • Uncapped Connectivity
  • * Suject to Feasibility Check *

Aerocom Broadband
Quality. Integrity. Service.

Enterprise Grade Network

Through our strategic partnerships with hardware vendors and fibre network operators, Aerocom has built a fully redundant enterprise-grade network.

Limitless Entertainment

Immerse yourself in a world of limitless entertainment with our ISP services, where fast connections, reliable streaming, and an expansive online landscape await, bringing endless joy to your digital experiences.

Cloud-Based Routing

Experience the power of cloud-based routing, seamlessly optimizing peering connections to deliver the best possible performance for an unparalleled internet experience.